Getting to OIST and Seaside House

Since most of our attendees will get to Okinawa via Naha airport, we describe here only ways to get from the airport to OIST or Seaside House. For more detailed information regarding access to OIST, please consult the following page (Access to OIST).

From the Naha Airport Domestic Terminal (2 options):

  • Highway bus (No 111) – 1370 JPY – Timetable HERE
    1. Wait at the bus stop number 2 outside of the Domestic Terminal bottom level for the 111 bus
    2. Grab a ticket as you get in the bus and make sure you keep it all the way to your final destination
    3. Get off the bus at the Ishikawa IC (石川 IC) stop and pay the driver the exact amount indicated on the board
    4. From there, IONS organizers should either be able to direct you to the OIST Shuttle to Seaside House or get you a taxi that will take you to OIST or Seaside House


  • Taxi – between 8 000 and 12 000 JPY from the airport, 1600 JPY from Ishikawa IC (see Highway bus 111)
    1. Get on a taxi and ask them to take you to OIST Seaside House (Picture)
    2. The taxi driver might ask you if taking the Highway/Expressway is fine. We recommend you agree as it is not much more expensive than the non-highway option and will get you to your accommodation much faster.
    3. In case the taxi driver is confused as to where Seaside House or OIST might be, you can show them the following campus map, pasted at the bottom of this page for your convenience

From the Naha Airport International Terminal: Please walk to the domestic terminal (on your right when you leave the International Terminal Building) and see above.


In case of any issue or emergency, please call the phone number that we have provided to presenting participants by e-mail.